Our Story

We are Jessica and Sharon.  We met, shortly after our sons were born, at a local babywearing meeting.  I was walking past Jessica as she said something about her son, Paxton.  I had to introduce myself and find out more, since my son’s name is also Paxton!  The irony is that Jessica and I had the same thought, “Oh no! Another Paxton??”, both believing we had picked a relatively rare name.  As fate would have it, we ended up really hitting it off and our sons (who also were born only 2 days apart, both exactly 5 days after their due dates!) are now oftentimes referred to as PaxSquared.  

We share the same philosophies for parenting and quickly found great support in one another.  Our passion for babywearing and natural parenting products also united us, but we found that oftentimes the items we wanted to use were not readily available.  This friendship and mutual desire to spread the babywearing and natural parenting love, brought us to start Wrapped Up - Atlanta’s first babywearing and natural parenting retreat.