Beautiful and affordable handwovens. Hear the Nunamoochie story:

Nunamoochie is a nickname that my husband gave to our second child after he was born. It was just a cute and funny made up word that stuck, and since he's the reason we became avid babywearers, it was a natural choice for our company name. With our first child, I was interested in babywearing, but didn't get the knack for it, and sadly he would cry every time I tried to wrap him in a carrier. When our second child was born, I was kindly introduced to a local babywearing group where I was taught hands-on how to wrap properly, which made all the difference in the world. I am still learning new things every day about babywearing, and it makes me happy to share the love of babywearing with other parents.

After buying and trying several wraps made by different companies, I was inspired to make my own wraps where I could decide which fabrics to use, design my own patterns, and choose the color combinations that I feltwere most aesthetically pleasing. We aim to keep our costs low in order to pass on the savings to our customers, thereby reaching as many new moms as possible. We work with a fantastic team in India including our expert weaver, and family members acting as coordinator and tailor. This business is all about family, and we hope you will become our extended family as we embark on this adventure.