Bijou Wear

We can't say enough good things about Jaime and her well thought out wraps and slings. She's an experienced mama and her inspired carriers can be used well into toddlerhood. Read more about her and Bijou Wear below: 

Welcome to the Bijou Wear shop! My name is Jaime Gassmann, owner, operator, fabric mixmaster, and mother of two boys.

Bijou (pronounced bee'-zhew) is my husband's nickname for our baby when the little guy is being fussy. It is French, meaning jewel, little and elegant, or precious little thing.

In order for a business to share time with my family, it has to be right from the very start. I strive to add value to the babywearing community. I pay my business associates what they are worth. I seek out eco-friendly yarns and products. I contribute to a meaningful charity.

At the end of each day I want to know my boys will have a good model of what the world of work should look like. It should be about caring for customers, employees, the planet, and those in need. Period. 

It is such a joy each and every time I see a caregiver experience the deep bond of babywearing for the first time. In particular, I love to see military families babywearing. I am married to a soldier. I know the challenges of that life when apart and the special happiness of time spent snuggled up together after a long separation. 

In an effort to spread the love of babywearing, Bijou Wear contributes a portion of all profits to The Carrying On Project. TCOP provides baby carriers to military family members to foster attachment under trying circumstances. Please visit their site here and donate if you can.